Risk Manager Advanced Learning Programme


We are pleased to inform that Axcelasia Columbus is organising a “Risk Manager Advanced Learning Programme” from 17th to 21st April 2017. 

The programme will utilise a case study approach to further enhance the learning and retention process. Various case studies will be shared throughout the 5-day programme.

Please find enclosed our Programme Brochure. Email to event@axcelasia.com before 15 March 2017 to secure your seat and enjoy the early bird price.


2017 Chief Risk Officers Roundtable Discussion

2017 seems to be a year fraught with uncertainties and challenges. As such, it is opportune for the CRO to step forward and show their value to the organisation by advising the business leaders on their strategy execution programme so that these are well integrated and embedded with good risk management practices.

This roundtable discussion will be led and facilitated by Axcelasia Inc’s Group Executive Director,  Ranjit Singh and Axcelasia Columbus’ Managing Director, Derek Lee, both of whom  have collectively assisted more than 100 organisations on their risk management improvement journey, which includes performance assessment of the risk management function, risk action planning, key risk indicators implementation, special risk assessment exercises (involving investment, project, product, process), etc.   

Ranjit and Derek will moderate the session to allow participants to voice out the challenges faced in their day-to-day risk management work and sharing their experiences in managing the risk management function in their respective organisations. 

Ranjit and Derek will also provide insights into some of the latest global developments on risk management implementation. Do not miss this opportunity to participate and network with other experienced CROs to expand your horizon and sharpen your risk management skills.  

Seats are limited, please contact Fitriyani at fi@axcelasia.com or 03 2181 8865 to reserve your seat.     

Date: Between 6-9 March 2017
Venue: Axcelasia Inc., Wisma Goldhill, Kuala Lumpur.